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Using your own templates

Dex supports using your own templates and passing arbitrary data to them to help customize your installation.


  1. Copy contents of the web directory over to a new directory.
  2. Customize the templates as needed, be sure to retain all the existing variables so Dex continues working correctly. a. Use this syntax {{ "your_key" | extra }} to use values from frontend.extra.
  3. Write a theme for your templates in the themes directory.
  4. Add your custom data to the Dex configuration frontend.extra.
      dir: /path/to/custom/web
      issuer: my-dex
        tos_footer_link: "https://example.com/terms"
        client_logo_url: "../theme/client-logo.png"
        foo: "bar"
  5. Set the frontend.dir value to your own web directory.
  6. Write the issuer in the issuer directory in order to modify the Dex title and the Log in to <<dex>> tag.

To test your templates simply run Dex with a valid configuration and go through a login flow.